About pearls

The different kinds of pearls
  • perles-1The fine pearl, also called natural pearl, is produced without any human intervention.
  • The cultured pearl is different because the pearl oyster contains a mother-of-pearl or, sometimes, glass core. The pearl layers pile up on the core introduced by man.
  • The traditional culture pearl is cultivated in salted water and usually requires three years to form. The main country of production is Japan.
  • The freshwater pearl is also a cultured pearl, but in fresh water.
  • The natural Tahitian pearls have different shapes and colours.
  • Since the core is never round, these pearls have odd shapes called baroque.

They have different colours such as white, pink, yellow-orange and even gold.

Maintenance and prevention of pearls

Special attention and good basic care will preserve the beauty of your pearls in the long run. Keep them away from chemical products such as hair sprays,  make-up and perfume, which can alter their luster after a certain period of time and cause spots and discolouration. Avoid storing them with your other jewels.